July 2018
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Personal health advisor

Personal health care is probably one of the most important things we should care of and from the attention we give to it depends whether we will enjoy a full and healthy life or we will be dependent from the pain and disease in the future.

One of the most effective ways to keep a healthy lifestyle is to use the services of a personal health advisor.

When using such services we will have constantly near to us an experienced professional who is fully familiar with our needs, abilities and preferences.

Personal health counselor can advise us on health disorders, he or she could be next to us in preparing the correct mode of eating and sleeping and in the preparation of a program for sports and active lifestyle.

Good personal health advisor is a step towards to a more fulfilled life that each of us should have.

What we offer

Our personal health advisors are specialists in all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. They can be helpful with advices in a variety of diseases, they can be helpful with information about healthy eating and active lifestyle.

We offer our services in ​​Manchester area and will be happy if you choose us for your personal health advisor.

Our contacts:

+44 161 839 4848
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Kristin cooks – healthy food for us Part2

Private cultivation

Some fruit, vegetable, salad and herb varieties I build even to themselves. We have a large roof terrace where it is possible in many, many pots and flower boxes. Good experience I made with arugula, radishes, Zwergnektarinen, currants, watercress, rosemary, lemon thyme and sage. This summer, I want to test my green thumb a little further.;-)


I have never liked cooked but now this attitude has totally changed. It ‘s part of my life, to create delicious healthy meals. Nevertheless, I am and remain a friend of simple recipes that are cooked as soon as possible and also leave to cook again after work. Eben job fit!


I am an absolute fan of Super Foods. Wheatgrass, sprouts, goji berries, pomegranates, lemons, yellow nutsedge or whatever. They all move at some point in my shopping cart or when I order online. Here, I pay particular attention to the origin, because of course many superfoods are not from the region, but travel once around the world.


Also my drinking behavior has changed. Before, I always thought that apple juice is the ne plus ultra. I have never made me aware of how much sugar plugged alone in a glass of it. Today I drink mostly still water and lots of tea. My preference is for green tea, but also herbal teas I like to drink. In addition, a part for me after getting a glass of warm water with half a freshly squeezed lemon to a good start to the day.

The change my diet to a more natural, unprocessed form has paid off. A key success factor for my migraines disappeared is my good nutrition. Since I eat better, I no longer suffer once a month below. Furthermore helped my diet for the most part to my athletic figure. Sure, muscles are built by training, but they are visible only by an accompanying healthy diet (20 % sports, 80% of diet ). Other positive effects of my altered diet: I feel more alert, have more energy, a more beautiful skin and better digestion. Everything you could wish for, right?