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Personal health advisor

Personal health care is probably one of the most important things we should care of and from the attention we give to it depends whether we will enjoy a full and healthy life or we will be dependent from the pain and disease in the future.

One of the most effective ways to keep a healthy lifestyle is to use the services of a personal health advisor.

When using such services we will have constantly near to us an experienced professional who is fully familiar with our needs, abilities and preferences.

Personal health counselor can advise us on health disorders, he or she could be next to us in preparing the correct mode of eating and sleeping and in the preparation of a program for sports and active lifestyle.

Good personal health advisor is a step towards to a more fulfilled life that each of us should have.

What we offer

Our personal health advisors are specialists in all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. They can be helpful with advices in a variety of diseases, they can be helpful with information about healthy eating and active lifestyle.

We offer our services in ​​Manchester area and will be happy if you choose us for your personal health advisor.

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Archive for September 26th, 2016

How to choose a kettlebell type

Author: Pubo Morris
09 26th, 2016

Maybe you have decide to begin training with kettlebells? It is a good idea to do so. There are many benefits for you health and it will sculpt your body. You will become stronger. However before jumping into this, its good to know what kind of kettlebells there are on the market. So we decided to provide you with this information. Lets start with the type first.

There are 3 basic types of kettlebells – traditional cast-iron, Competition and adjustable kettlebells. For more information read for the best adjustable kettlebells, reviews and the best workout dvds.


The traditional cast iron kettlebells get heavier as they get larger. Each size rests in a somewhat different place in the rack position on your forearm. The diameter of the handle doesn’t change with the competition type and neither does the space inside the handle. This implies that when you are inserting your hand on a competition kettlebell doesn’t change so that you can focus on technique, the most essential aspect of the training.

The competition kettlebells are made of steel. This gives them longer life than the traditional ones. This doesn’t mean that cast iron kettlebells are not durable. It means that steel is tougher and stronger than cast iron hence more durable. Usually, they are exact same size irrespective of the weight. The weight is the only thing that differs.

Pricing of the types varies a bit depending on the manufacturer and you’ll actually find out that cast-iron kettlebells cost less than the competition. Be sure to check shipping costs when choosing a merchant. Depending on where you live some vendors will have higher or lower rates in connection to their shipping stores.

With cast-iron kettlebell you can do better the the dynamic exercises relating to groundwork and rolls. The curved handle makes two hand activities more comfortable. Furthermore, their smaller size makes them easier to hold close to your body.


A competition kettlebell may be a better fit when performing tough exercises. Your training program requires you to work heavier weights as your training develops. Consulting a professional is the right way to go about so that you may not do things wrongly and they may end up not working for you And by this, you’ll notice that the size of the ball and handle of the kettlebell increases significantly.

Competition kettlebells fit at ease no matter what size you use as compared to using a cast-iron kettlebell since the ball rests on top of, or near, the wrist. This position is very uncomfortable thus could cause harm. These type of kettlebells can suit the right position regardless of the weight you are using.

For beginners who will perform Renegade Rows, have to be sure that the kettlebell will stay stable on the bottom when carrying out push ups, or other exercises where the kettlebell sits on the ground. This will help in avoiding wrist injuries.

Most are painted. This prevents rust, which attacks cast iron much more quickly than it does other types of iron or steel. Good ones are coated with a soft, vinyl coating that is both rust-proof and chip-resistant. It’s probably worth it to spend a few extra dollars to get a vinyl-coated because it keeps rust off your clothes and cushions the blow should you drop the bell.

The choice of a kettlebell depends on what you want to achieve with the workout. You can use all types according to the activity you want to perform and the attitude that you have. Kettlebell training is remarkable, therefore whatever you can get your hands on is wonderful.

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